provides a structured practice platform that builds verbal proficiency skills across your entire department. We offer a patented learning approach that lets your officers learn faster and retain longer through engaging self-study practice sessions. We take the effectiveness of simulator-based training and make it practical and affordable for building skills in the wide variety of everyday police work.

Communication.  De-escalation.  Cooperation.

Your Most Important TOOL

Law Enforcement Officers employ a wide variety of tools.  These include a sidearm, radio, handcuffs, taser, baton, and many more.  Yet there is one tool that is used more often than any other.  This tool, when used properly, can de-escalate most tense situations.  And when used improperly, it can lead to violence, injury, and even death.  That tool is YOUR VOICE.

Your voice, when used properly, can make all the difference.  But it must be used properly, and the natural ability to use it properly every time comes down to a set of skills.  So how do you get those skills?

A great way to build skills is through experience.  The more encounters that you work through, the more skills you develop.  You can develop some skills by observing role models, but real learning only happens when you practice those skills yourself.



PRACTICE Makes Perfect.

Think about how you learned to use your sidearm.  Yes, you learned technique in advance.  And you learned by watching others demonstrate solid skills.  But the only way that you can personally build skills is by doing it yourself.

Obviously, you don’t use your sidearm enough on patrol to effectively build solid skills with it.  And, most likely, when you are using your sidearm on patrol, the odds are that you are concentrating on the tactical situation, and not thinking about improvements to your technique at that time.

In order to get enough experience, and to really be able to concentrate on technique, you built your skills through practice, in a safe environment.  When you wanted to test your skills in action, you went into a simulator to see how you did.  You looked at your results, took notes, and worked on making improvements.

The exact same technique can be employed to develop verbal skills, just like you built skills in using your sidearm.  And as a police officer you are likely to be using your voice a lot more – every single day, in fact – than you will ever use your sidearm!

You need to practice using your voice in a simulator, because when you use your voice properly it can save lives on both sides of the badge.


NOW Accepting Beta Test Partners.

We are now looking for departments that would like to work with us in beta testing our Verbal Options Simulator (VOS).  Your participation will allow us to provide simulations that closely target the needs of your officers.  Contact to learn how your officers can benefit from this training today.